Spaceship Earth

Prolog: The Earth is our spaceship. We are the crew, the passengers and the service perssonel.

Spaceship Earth, Nick: CapCom, this is Spaceship Earth, we´ve got some problems.
First: there have been two big bangs in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We´ve lost billions of passengers there. Otherwise, radiation from Spaceship Earth is visible since then to the other worlds.
The atmosphere is polluted and destroyed because of the passenger habits. Now there is a great hole in the ozone layer over the poles, and radiation is coming in. The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly, the temperature is rising, some compartments in the Pacific Environment are flooded, caused by melting ice from the North and South Pole. The Gulf Stream might switch and change climate more rapidly.
The food production is not sufficient in the compartments Africa and in parts of the compartment Asia. More else, especially in Africa passengers are endangered by epidemic diseases.
On the other side, the number of passengers is increasing rapidly in these compartments. Copy?

CapCom: Roger, Spaceship Earth, this seems to be a lot of peril. What can we do?

Spaceship Earth, Nick: First we´ve to solve the carbon dioxide issue. We suggest to supply filters on the production plants, and as fast as possible switch over to clean energies and energy production. We might even cease some inefficient production lines. Copy?

CapCom: Roger, Nick. But what are we to do?

Spaceship Earth, Nick: You are representing the leadership. Communicate and initiate it.
The first issue with the two big bangs again. The usage of the tools that caused these desasters was mistaken. These tools originally were meant to built up an asteroid shield for Spaceship Earth. Can you inform the responsible ones and get them to work on that issue? Copy?

CapCom: Roger, we´ll do. But we´re having problems here with our financial energies. Seems, there is a leakage we´ve not yet found and understood. We are on it, but we need some time. Copy?

Spaceship Earth, Nick: Roger, CapCom. From out here, it seems to be the loss of the worth of life, caused by the possibilities of destroying and manipulating life itself and the lifes of our passengers by the financial and industrial subsystems that ran out of order because of inefficient responsibilities towards the passengers and Spaceship Earth itself. Copy?

CapCom: That´s not sufficient information, Nick. Have you got some additional facts for us? Copy?

Spaceship Earth, Nick: First, cease the philosophy of constant growth - that´s cancer! Life works in circles, it cannot grow constantly. The universe does.

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