Across The Air

The sky at night:
tinted black velvet,
amid a cross of light,
white, sparkling red and green.

Almost soundless, engines humming
alike some thunder, heard from afar,
a glide, that shifts the law of nature,
the heaviness of gravity away.

Once to be up there, so I do long to,
once to be in that hull, I wish,
that had been borne from men’s desire
and skilful spirit to come true.

To look upon the pall of cloud,
upon the landscape,
provided nature that is
shaped by men.

And then I want to forward there,
go to the cockpit with the three,
doing day's work, behind them
three times a hundred
pairs of eyes.

Some spirit of their spines to mine,
some knowledge, I do want to share:
how does one do the things to do alike -
on a wing.

On A Wing

Klaus Gölker   ©2000   | Home |